Humble Beginnings

I had only been playing guitar for about 2 years.  My first concert was at a Coffee House in King Of Prussia and I was very nervous.  I had not yet started to write my own music, so I did all covers.  It was a church in the King Of Prussia Mall and there were some artists/bands performing before me.  It had a large sanctuary and they kept it pretty dark except for the spot lights they had pointing at the stage.  The sound system had large speakers hanging from the ceiling and it was turned up very loud.  I really wished that a hole would open up underneath me and swallow me up!  I could not see anything in the audience except for silhouettes. I’m sure I was not very good – I thought I did terrible.  I think my voice even shook.  After I was done, two girls came up and thanked me for my singing and said that I sang a few of their favorite songs.  I guess I must not have done too bad after all.  Shortly after that Coffee House, I started writing my own songs.

Through the same guy that booked me for that first Coffee House, I started to lead worship at Pottstown Bible Church (Pottstown, PA).  They had a Sunday evening ministry that reached out to the community, with a free dinner at 5 PM and worship service at 5:30 PM.  I would get so nervous before I would lead worship that my knees would shake, and my stomach would be doing somersaults.  I started leading worship there in about 2006, I think.  I led worship there about once a month for a long time.  You would never guess now how nervous I used to be.  I thank God for the blessing of Pottstown Bible Church! They moved to a different location, but they still hand out food to the community.

PBC had their last (at least for a while) evening service.  They will still offer a free meal after their Sunday morning service.

It is amazing how God works and orchestrates things for His Kingdom.