Contemporary Christian Artist Yvonne Hartman is a worshipper with a guitar. The Temple, Pennsylvania-based artist and songwriter takes the message of faith and weaves it throughout songs of everyday life. Showcasing the sounds of Contemporary Christian Music, Hartman is known for her authenticity, her sincerity and building a personal connection with the audiences she’s been blessed to inspire. She’s also known as a gifted vocalist and songwriter. Many know her also for her catchy songs and her ability to take life experiences and meld them within clever lyrics, a genre she’s dubbed “inspirational/situational”. Through the years, she’s honed her musical skills and gained a following in the process. Whether it’s leading worship at churches or during sets at coffeehouses, Yvonne Hartman loves sharing the gift of music that God has given her. A recording artist as well, she’s released 9 albums with close to 100 songs that she has written or co-written.  Her music is available in CD and USB formats as well as digital downloads from online stores such as iTunes, Amazon music, Google Play, and more and via streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and Pandora.

Through some very strange circumstances – some of which Yvonne calls “divine intervention” – she started playing and fell in love with the guitar. Shortly after she mastered it, she recorded her first project, “When The Goin’ Gets Tough” (2007). Since that time, she’s released “I Give My Life To You” (2008), “B.G.T.F.” (By Grace Through Faith) (2010), “Send Me” (2013), “ReMade” (2015), “Great Adventure” (2018), “Walkin’ On Water” (April 2022), Yvonne Hartman Christmas (December 2022), and “Life Is Lovely” (2023).   Yvonne has been releasing singles since the last album and many are getting radio play on various radio stations across the country and around the world.  Yvonne’s recent music displays a maturity that’s not apparent in her early works; it’s clear through her current albums that she’s grown as an artist, a songwriter, a woman, and a believer.

Radio Stations playing Yvonne’s Music:

Christian Media Spotlight Radio Network: https://live365.com/station/Christian-Media-Spotlight-Radio-Network-a03642

Christian Mix 106: www.christianmix106.com

NoteSpire Radio: www.notespiremusic.com/radio

RacMan Christian Radio: www.racmanchristianradio.org

Fish Locker Radio Coffee House (96.7 FM):  http://player.listenlive.co/53011

WIAM radio:  thewaymedia.net/wiam-radio

Yvonne has co-written songs with Tim Timmons, Bede Benjamin-Korpraal (Hillsong Young & Free), and Ty Hunter (The Hunter Brothers).  She also had the opportunity to co-write a song with Matthew West as a group mentor.  Yvonne played at Mayfair in Allentown, PA on the same stage as Josh Wilson, Building 429, and The Museum.  She has toured with The Extreme Tour in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

In addition to the projects she’s released, she’s also released several music videos, “We Are Dew”, “Walkin’ On Water”, “Not Ashamed”, and “I Need You”, which can be found on her You Tube channel. Filmed in Pennsylvania, they convey the heart of a worshiper and the passion of the songwriter.  Yvonne is currently a member of her church’s worship team. She also leads worship every 3rd Sunday of the month at the YMCA in Reading, PA. She and her husband have two children and live in Southeastern Pennsylvania.