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ReMade: Yvonne's most recent CD. Released in August 2015, the songs on Yvonne’s new album showcase her maturity as a singer / songwriter. She has truly found her voice as a Christian artist, and she is writing songs that are capturing new fans across the globe.  “Remade” is produced by multi-platinum music producer Kevin McNoldy (, who has worked with Dave Matthews, Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Backstreet Boys, and many more.

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Send Me

Send Me: Yvonne's 4th CD, released in November 2013. Recorded with Yvonne's band at the time. Gary Yerger on bass, Dave Ruth on lead guitar, AndyBond on drums, and Esther Johnson on background vocals.

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B.G.T.F.: Yvonne's 3rd CD, Released in 2010 under the band name B9 Fate. Yvonne's children played with her under this band name and four songs on the CD were recodred with her son, Jake, on drums, but most of the instruments were recorded by session musicians for the CD.

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I Give My Life To You

I Give My Life To You: Released in 2008, this was Yvonne's 2nd CD and was recorded as a solo artist with session musicians to fill out the sound.


Note: Yvonne's first CD, "When The Goin' Gets Tough", is no longer available for sale.