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"You have the most beautiful voice.

I could sit and listen to you for hours."

Sue G., Lenhartsville, PA

Yvonne Hartman is indeed "The Real Deal"....about as fresh and genuine as they come. She truly wears her faith on her sleeve, in clear view, and is a living testimony of what is possible when you put your complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ. As she very clearly sings and coveys via her song "More Like Him", true victory, along with the ability to overcome whatever life throws at us, can only be achieved if, like Christ, we are willing to "Dine with sinners, just like Jesus did, forgive our Brothers, forgive and be forgiven. Love our neighbors....love like Jesus loved, to be more like Him". Kinda sums up Yvonne's whole outlook on life, love, and her entire music ministry.

Rev. John A., Philadelphia, PA

Wonderful uplifting music! Yvonne clearly puts her heart and Jesus Christ into everyone of her songs. I love listening to my kids sing along to her music in the back seat of the car or when they are getting ready for school! Her music is relatable and always reminds me to put my focus back on God. Without a doubt, one of our favorite albums!!!

Stacy H., Reading, PA

A bit about Yvonne...

Yvonne started her music ministry in 2006.

Yvonne Hartman is a contemporary Christian singer/ songwriter from southeastern PA. Her songs are described as “inspirational / situational,” pulling from experiences and everyday struggles, while providing encouragement for believers.

Yvonne has written over 80 songs and is working on her 7th album.

After singing all her life in church choir, school chorus, and musicals, Yvonne started writing her own original music and performing in 2006.  After releasing several projects herself, she formed a band with her family called B9 Fate, through which she released one album, “BGTF.”  She eventually started playing again under her own name, and released “Send Me”, “Remade”, and "Great Adventure". She has been releasing music as singles since "Great Adventure".

Yvonne has co-written songs with Tim Timmons, Bede Benjamin-Korpraal from Hllsong Yound & Free, and Ty Hunter from The Hunter Brothers, and had Matthew West as a coach on a co-write. She performed on the same stage with Josh Wilson, Building 429, and The Museum at Mayfair in Allentown, PA. She has also been on the Extreme Tour in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The songs on Yvonne’s new albums showcase her maturity as a singer / songwriter. She has truly found her voice as a Christian artist, and she is writing songs that are capturing new fans across the globe. “Remade” and "Great Adventure" are produced by multi-platinum music producer Kevin McNoldy (http://cphonicmastering.com).

The albums are available on CD, via all online stores including iTunes and Amazon, and on all streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and Apple Music.  Yvonne’s own independent record label / publishing imprint is handling the release of all new music. Yvonne is touring in support of her new music.

Yvonne's music can be heard on several Christian radio stations including:

Christian Mix 106


NoteSpire Radio RacMan Christian Radio


Fish Locker Cafe WIAM Radio

Meet Yvonne...



Singer/songwriter and recording artist Yvonne Hartman

Yvonne lives in southeastern Pennsylvania.